fiance visa

Fiance Visa or so-called K-1 (non-immigrant visa) is a travel permit for a foreign born individual who intends to marry a U.S. citizen is qualified to go to the United States for the wedding. Such visa would only be effective within 90 days, within which a marriage ceremony takes place. After the wedding, you can now apply for a green card through a process called  Adjustment of Status.

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Requirements for getting Fiance Visa or K-1:

1)    Either of the couples is a U.S. citizen. The other is not a green card holder.

2)    Both are of legal age.

3)    The immigrant has a pure intention to marry the U.S. citizen after landing the U.S.

4)    At least, the couple has met in person within the last two years.

In the U.S., there is no limit as to the issuance of a fiancé visa annually, and you don’t have to wait much longer for its release, unlike any other visa categories.

In cases where the U.S. citizen’s lover is living with the latter outside the United States, getting a fiancé visa is no longer needed. They can both get married in the place where they at present live which is outside the U.S.

After the wedding, they can apply for a green card.  (You may consult for their expertise)

Justified Intention

The purpose of the issuance of a fiancé visa is not only having a mere thought of just getting married.  It is a necessity to show some proof such as wedding plans, wedding announcement to your friends, the exact date for the wedding, space rental for the marriage ceremony, hiring a photographer, gown for the bride, gowns for the brides made, souvenirs, and many others. All these would justify that indeed your wedding is a genuine one.

Meeting Requirement may be waived

The requirements wherein two couples should have met for the last two years is a must. However, in some cases, this can be waived by beliefs, customs, and traditions, religion practices for both couples, from the office of the USCIS. To some extent, the extreme situation involving medical problems would be somehow  sufficient for the waiver to be granted. Other than that like financial problems are most likely unacceptable.

Children: Eligible for a Visa

On the other hand, when getting a fiancé visa, any of your unmarried children who is a minor, can simultaneously be issued K-2 visas for them to escort you to the United States.  Once you are married, they are then entitled to apply for green cards.

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