Discount US Green Card Process vs. Traditional Attorneys

Discount US Green Card Process vs. Traditional Attorneys

Discount Green Card comprise a team of specialists in U.S. immigration law and U.S. nationality law, and are led by Andrew J Driggs, who since 2004 has concentrated his practice on these subjects.

You need a specialist to be there for you.

Discount US Green Card Process vs. Traditional Attorneys

Selecting the right attorney is often regarded as similar to selecting your physician or specialist surgeon – If you want general advice or a check-up you see your local doctor but if you then find that you have a specific problem or know that you need particular expertise, then it makes good sense to seek the help of a real specialist – someone who has vast experience and is well qualified and highly regarded.

So, if you are seeking general legal help then it makes good sense to find a lawyer who is close at hand and is happy for you to meet whenever you wish to discuss your requirements or needs.

US Green Card Process When it comes to immigration or U.S. nationality matters such as the US green card process and visa requirements then Andrew Driggs and the specialist team at Discount Green Card are highly suitable candidates.

Helping individuals and families

Andrew takes real pleasure in helping clients pursue the attainment of lawful permanent U.S. residency status and U.S. citizenship and has successfully won many cases in the Immigration Court when the need has arisen, and takes a sincere personal interest in helping individuals and families who wish to enjoy the freedoms that all Americans experience every day.

American Immigration Lawyers Association
Having been recently elected to the Chapter Chair of the local chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and being also a member of the national organizations Board of Governors, those seeking help with Green Card applications could not be in better hands.

Affordable expertise is at hand

The real added bonus to obtaining the help of Andrew J Driggs is that our services are designed to be affordable. Experience has taught us that providing the applications are appropriate, follow strict procedures and are completed accurately and correctly, there is little need for lengthy meetings or regular visits. By taking out the costs of meetings and the time taken to schedule regular discussions and by conducting our business almost entirely by telephone and by email we can make the entire US green card process affordable and as stress free as possible.

For a rest assured service backed by expertise, experience and personal commitment to our clients you know you are in safe hands with the team at Discount Green Card.

Discount Green Card’s immigration law practice includes services related to the most common immigration procedures available to both foreign nationals and those United States Citizens petitioning family members for immigration benefits.

Those procedures include citizenship and naturalization, petitions for alien relatives via consular processing and within the United States, marriage green cards and adjustment of status for parents, children and spouses, the removal of conditions on lawful permanent residence, the renewal of green cards, fiancée visas and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), commonly known as Dream Act applications.