Green Card Through Marriage (Adjustment of Status)

Green Card Through Marriage (Adjustment of Status)

Green Card Through Marriage

United States Citizens can petition for their spouses to become lawful permanent residents. When the couple is living inside the United States, the process is called Adjustment of Status. Whether the couple is newly married, or married for years, the process has been streamlined and currently, in most locations, takes less than six months.


Wedding Rings 1The family petition and accompanying application for adjustment of status, will be submitted to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the United States governmental agency charged with issuing Marriage Green Cards. We will also provide the agency evidence of the bonafide marriage through joint documents such as utility bills, leases, bank statements, etc.

To qualify to adjust status, the foreign spouse must have entered the United States legally—with a visa or other lawful entry. If the spouse came into the United States illegally, they cannot adjust status, but still may be able to obtain their Green Card with a Waiver of Inadmissibility. Please contact us for further information.

The foreign spouse does not need to be currently in lawful immigration status, but should inform the team at regarding all of their entries into and exits out of the United States, and whether they have had any contact whatsoever with the immigration agencies. It is also important to tell us if there have been any criminal arrests. We will interview the couple to determine if there are any disqualifying issues.

We guide you through this important green card through marriage process. It is one of the most important legal procedures that you will do in your life. Make sure all goes smoothly with competent, experienced legal representation.