United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

United States Citizenship and Immigration ServicesIt is important for all Lawful Permanent Residents to obtain United States Citizenship.  Not only does it gives persons the right to vote, but also ensures that no matter what, the immigrant can never be deported from the United States.  Additionally, the new United States Citizen can then petition other family members for lawful permanent residency.

After five years as a Lawful Permanent Resident (or three years if married to a United States Citizen), a person can apply to “naturalize” or become a United States Citizen.  This is the last step in the immigration process, and, in many ways, is less complicated than the earlier procedures.  The team at discountgreencard.com has helped hundreds of people to naturalize with their United States citizenship and immigration services.

United States Citizenship and Immigration ServicesThere are specific residency requirements, including that the Applicant must live in the local USCIS jurisdiction for 90 days.  Your attorney at discountgreencard.com can explain any nuance that pertains to your case.

At the naturalization interview, the Applicant must answer some questions regarding United States History and Civics and demonstrate basic English language proficiency.  Discountgreencard.com will make sure you have the study materials available, and will take the stress out of the naturalization process.  We can also determine whether you qualify to have the interview done in your native language.

Hire the lawyers at discountgreencard.com and get your naturalization application approved.